Playground & Mini Waterpark


We have created this natural play space using local materials. The climbing frame is hand made using felled chestnut trees from our land to make a magical and adventurous play frame. There is a 2x2m trampoline, 4m slide and fantastic bird nest swing (which can have up to 4 children on it at once). We have also placed many boulders on the embankment for a further climbing and play area. This is all located right next to the pool, so you can relax and sun bathe while your children play in view. The whole play space is set away from the house giving privacy and less noise when you want quiet time in your gites.


There is also a play pond for toddlers and children including sluice gate, pump and gently flowing water. This is a peaceful place for parents of smaller children to come and relax and play in the water. We have diverted one of the streams on our land and controlled the flow through this area so it’s safe and calm.